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What is the material use to make the artist bears?

The artist bear's exterior are make from mohair, which is the hair of the angora goat from UK & Germany. These natural fibres are very expensive due to high cost in labour.The mohair comes in different texture. Some are short, long, sparse or thick. While others are straight, curly, distressed or rich.

We are also the only shops in Singapore who have some bears being made of unusual materials like distressed or velvety cotton and cheneille which is difficult to find in the market. Our bears have a very wide range of colour tone from pale, pastel, warm, traditional to rich, dark, strong or trendy. You will see bears that comes in colours like ivory white, warm beige, honey brown, lemon yellow, mustard, sweet peach, marigold orange, antique red, burgundy red, lavender, cool baby blue, electric blue, peppermint green, ice green and charcoal black.

Another special area to lookout for is the different type of good quality eyes that the bears are 'born' with. Some of them have small or large pure glass eyes while some antique boot button eyes that are really worn out and hard to find. We also have some bears that come with crystal eyes that are hard to come by.

The designs and concept of our bears have always been very unique and outstanding among other bear shops in Singapore.

We have always been the first to introduce new and different style of bears besides the traditional look.



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