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Jackie's Guide to Collectible
Award-Winnng Artist Bears

"How do you know if a teddy bear is a collectible? Very importantly, two things - it must be either a limited collection bear or a one-of-a-kind bear. Such bears come with certificates. Some collectible bears are manufactured, while others are made by artists. I'm very attached to bears made by artists.

Manufactured bears are made by factory operators who assemble the bears. Very little love and dedication goes into producing these bears, whereas artist bears are specially created by teddy bear artists who have a vision of what they want their works to look like. So when you choose an artist bear, you'll know that it's going to have everything in it.

The quality is there, the design is original, and the workmanship is the best."

Warning: Beware of non-original bear designed. If you are unsure, email to me

Eyes: Glass or boot button
Nose: Stitched symmetrically
Muzzle: Evenly stuffed Ears: Firmly attached



Joints: Not too tight or loose
Stitching: Evenly and closely Clothing:
Good quality and well-fitted

Fabrics: Made of mohair

"A collectible teddy bear must be handmade from mohair material, because this is the type of fur they've used since 1902, and it will last for more than a hundred years. If the bear has synthetic fur, then it's definitely not a collector's item. Synthetic fur feels very artificial, while mohair feels nice and warm."

Stuffing: Polyfibre-filled

"Collectible bears are usually hard... not like toy bears, which are soft and spongy and eventually go flat."

Paws: Leather, suede, wool felt, ultra-suede Claws: Stitched evenly

Emotional Appeal
"You must feel connected to the bear. It must inspire a feeling of love in you and capture your heart. You must feel as though you want to hold it and have it for the rest of your life. That's my emotional approach towards choosing a collectible teddy bear."



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